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Hi there, and welcome to our five essential rules for making better coffee.

Follow the coffee bean on its journey.

Rule #1

Use the best ingredients

Why is this so important?

Rule #2

Brew freshly ground beans

Why is this so important?

Rule #3

Correct measurements

Why is this so important?

Rule #4

Clean equipment

Why is this so important?

Rule #5

Drink it fresh

Why is this so important?

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A cup of coffee is only as good as the beans and water you use to make it. Go for high-quality coffee and remember that whole beans will keep up to four weeks from when they were roasted. When choosing your coffee, a good rule of thumb is that the more information, the better.

Water quality has a huge impact on the coffee. After all, around 98 % of filter coffee is water. Ideally the water should be quite soft and low in mineral content. In areas with harder tap water, it’s better to brew using bottled water.

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Freshly ground coffee smells absolutely lovely. This delicious fragrance is made up of tiny aromatic molecules that start to evaporate as soon as you’ve ground your beans. Therefore it’s best to brew and drink your coffee within 30 minutes of grinding.

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A precise recipe is your key to success so at Freese Coffee Co. we’re pretty particular with our measurements of coffee and water. A good general rule for filter coffee is 60 grams of coffee per 1000 g / 1 liter of water.

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As with all cooking, make sure your gear is clean. Use a separate carafe to pour the water into your brewer instead of the coffee pot itself, as it will usually have some oil and dirt build-up. Clean all parts after every use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Coffee tastes best after it has cooled down to around 65°C / 150°F. It doesn’t, however, like to sit on a hotplate or in a thermos for a long time. Drink it fresh or pour the ready coffee into a clean, pre-heated thermos and store it up to 1–2 hours.

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